Artist Alley

If you've ever been to a con, you've undoubtedly journeyed into the artist alley area at some point or another. Here, artists may sell their handmade goods for their own profit, whether they make plushies, artworks, stickers, or a completely different type of product. If you are planning to buy goods from the artist alley, please be aware that artists generally accept only cash, so bring plenty of it!

To anyone interested in selling their work in the artist alley: you've come to the right place!

If you are an artist selling your own work, fill out this form and submit it to be considered for a table at Uchi-con. If you're a vendor and would like to table with us, fill out this form, check the "I am a vendor" box, and contact us at to receive the additional forms.

Just filling out the form does NOT mean you have been automatically accepted into the Artist Alley; we will send you an email letting you know the status of your application once our quota has been filled. Spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This form will be closed on January 1st, 2017. Once all available spaces have been taken, we will leave the form up and put additional applicants on the waitlist. At that point, it is very unlikely that you will get a place in artist alley, but we will let you know if a table opens up.

Tables are $20, but up to $10 of that can be subsidized by donating a piece of original artwork (something you are not selling at your table) to UCJAS. Your tabling fee will be collected (IN CASH) on the day of the convention. The table and chairs are included in the fee.

On the day of the convention (February 4, 2017), you will be seated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Check in begins at 8:30AM. Arrive on time if you want to get a specific location.

Please do not publicly display any 18+ material at your table. This includes nudity, excessive gore, and sexual content. Our venue is a public, open space right next to an elementary school, so we strive to keep our con family-friendly. For further guidelines, or if you have any concerns about specific pieces, please check the general convention rules at Rules or email us. We will be scanning the tables regularly to see if any explicit material is on display.

If you are accepted into artist alley and can no longer make the convention, you MUST let us know before the convention date. The sooner we know, the better. If you don't show up to the convention or cancel day-of, we will ban you from signing up for a table in the future.

Bring your own change for customers. We will not provide you with it.

Watch our Facebook and Tumblr feeds for announcements regarding artist alley!

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