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Have you put blood, sweat, and lots of tears into a magnificent battle axe? Spent every night for weeks shaping armor? Accidentally poked your fingers with needles while lacing together a fluffy petticoat? Then this is the perfect contest for you to show your beautiful creations to the world!

Our Cosplay Contest will be held at Uchi-con 2017 (February 4, 2017) at 3pm in the 3rd Floor Theatre. You will have the chance to sign up day-of if you would prefer to wait until then. However, if you fill out this form here, you will not have to submit it again at the convention. Just make sure to sign in when you're getting your badge from registration! You will be expected to report to the 3rd floor stage at least half an hour beforehand (2:30pm at the latest).

To be eligible to be judged and receive prizes, you must have made at least 50% of your cosplay yourself. In addition, you must not have already won a cosplay contest with this specific costume before, whether at a previous Uchi-con or another convention. If your costume does not meet these conditions, you can still participate in the contest but will not be judged.

We judge in several categories: authenticity, originality, inventiveness, craftsmanship, best prop, best group, best crossplay, and overall best in show. Because we judge in many divisions, even if you think your cosplay is not as extravagant as some others, you should enter! Plus, people will take pictures of all of the work you've done.

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