This is a listing of all the special events (outside of the usual panels, Artist Alley, and gaming tournaments) that will be held at Uchi-con this coming year. It will be updated as new events are announced.

Events for Uchi-con 2019 are currently being organised! We will update this page as more things are confirmed. The below events are from 2018

Cosplay Contest

Uchi-con holds its own Cosplay Contest each year, where cosplayers can show off their cosplays and strike poses for pictures!

If you're interested in being in the Cosplay Contest, visit the cosplay contest page!

Location: Max P Threater on the first floor of Ida Noyes Hall


Every year, we hire a professional photographer to be present at Uchi-con the entire day, and this year is no different! We will be having the wonderful Eddie B hosting the photobooth at Uchi-con 2017, so take a look at his lovely work ahead of time. Drop by with friends, strike a pose or two, and get a print of your lovely cosplay!

It is free to get pictures taken, but you will have to pay for a copy of the photos. Prices will be posted here closer to the convention.

Location: First floor of Ida Noyes Hall


We will once again be holding a cafe on the third floor of Ida Noyes! Food will be available from Noodles Etc., and the setup will be very similar to last year. We will have cheap, easy-to-pick-up food available until 2PM. In the cafe room, tables will be set up for people to eat, lounge, talk, or listen to music. Please keep in mind that the Cafe accepts only cash!

Location: Third floor of Ida Noyes Hall, 10-3pm


On the second floor of Ida Noyes, an entire room is devoted to gaming of all sorts. The organizer of this room is Kevin Fair, the founder of I Play Games. Once again this year, we will bring you all sorts of video games, wheter you prefer to get revenge with blue shells in Mariokart, make some noise on guitar or drums in Rockband, or Falcon-punch your friends into oblivion in Super smash Bros.

Location: Second floor of Ida Noyes Hall


Karaoke is back for yet another year! You can request any of your favoruite sing-along songs and sign up as many times as you want! Karaoke will be open all day, complete with a projector screen in case you need to see the lyrics. Bring all of your friends or sing alone, it's up to you!

Location: Harper Hall

Manga Cafe

We're partnering with 57th Street Books to bring you a (free!) manga cafe situated, fittingly, in Harper Memorial Library's hallowed halls. Come in, sit down, warm up, and read whatever you like from 57th Street Books' well-curated collection. If something catches your eye, you can buy it right then and there and take it home with you! Read around and you're sure to find something you love!

Location: Harper Hall

Anime Screenings

In Harper, we'll be bringing back one of UCJAS's most-loved activities: screening anime! Three rooms will be running the first episode of various series all day, organized by genre. If you've made the trek over to Harper and want to sit for a while, plop down in one of these rooms for as long as you like and play a round of Anime Bingo!

Location: Harper Hall

Anime Bingo

Anime Bingo is a long-standing UCJAS tradition that we're excited to share with all of you! Anime bingo is a fun twist on the traditional screening room. You'll get bingo cards loaded with all of our favorite anime tropes, from the Bossy Class President to the White-Haired Pretty Boy. When you see your trope during screening, call it out, and try to get 5 in a row! The moderator will decide what tropes apply; arguing with them for implausible tropes is half the fun ("I think that car totally counts as a giant mecha")! There will be prizes for the winners, so come try your hand at it!

Location: Harper Hall

Silent Auction

Uchi-con will once again feature a Silent Auction! We will be auctioning off items from companies like Funimation, donations and creations from local artists, coupons from local Hyde Park restaurants, and much much more. 50% of proceeds will go to UCJAS, and 50% of the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House of Hyde Park, a local charity focused on providing space for homeless families and loved ones of patients at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Stop by, take a look, go home with a wonderful item, and donate to a good cause!

Location: First floor of Ida Noyes Hall, in the Artists Alley

Film Screening

The film for Uchi-con 2018 has yet to be determined! More information will come as we get closer to the con

Location: Max P Theater of Ida Noyes Hall

Masquerade Ball

As usual, this year's Uchi-con will be capped off by a Masquerade Ball, featuring dance-able anime music and some slow dance tunes, too! Come and dance the evening away!

Location: Third flood theater of Ida Noyes Hall
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