Q. How can I attend Uchi-con as a regular guest?

A. Everyone is welcome to attend Uchi-con as guests! You can either preregister (see below for how to) or register day-of at the convention. The convention is held in Ida Noyes Hall, so feel free to arrive anytime after 10am and stay as long as you want up until 6pm, when the convention will close.

Q. How can I preregister for Uchi-con?

A. First, create an account on our website using the "Sign Up" button at the top right of the page. Next, log in using the account you just made. The form on the Registration page will now be open for you, so fill in the fields on the form and click the "Submit" button. You will soon receive an email confirming you've preregistered successfully!

Q. Is the convention wheelchair accesible?

A. Yes it is! Both Ida Noyes Hall and Harper Memorial Library have wheelchair accessible ramps, elevators, and accessible bathroom stalls. Maps of Ida Noyes Hall and Harper Memorial Library detailing accessible routes are available online and are also included in our convention booklets.

Q. How can I get a table to sell my art in the artist alley?

A. Follow the above steps to preregister. Once you have preregistered, the form on the Artist Alley page will be visible for you. Fill out the form and submit it. You will soon receive an email confirming that your application is pending. If we have space and approve of the wares you've signed up to sell, you will get another email soon after that your application has been accepted! If we do not have space, you will get an email saying that your application is on the waitlist instead. If its status changes, we will email you afterwards.

Q. How can I volunteer for Uchi-con?

A. We'd love to have more help! Follow the above steps to preregister. Once you've submitted the preregistration form, the form on the Volunteering page will open for you. Fill out the form and submit it. You'll receive an email soon after confirming you've signed up to be a volunteer. Close to the convention, a schedule will be made to organize the volunteers at the convention, and you will be sent your department and time slots at that time.

Q. How can I run a panel at Uchi-con?

A. Follow the above steps to preregister for Uchi-con. Once you've preregistered for the convention, the form on the Panels page will be open to you. Fill it out and submit it. You will receive an email that your application is pending for hosting a panel at Uchi-con. If we approve of your panel and can fit it into the schedule, we will email you soon after, assigning you a timeslot and confirming that you can host the panel at that time.

Q. I've preregistered. What do I do once I get to the con?

A. People who have preregistered still have to sign in before attending anything at Uchi-con. Once you have arrived at Ida Noyes, you will be directed to stand in a line until a staff member is available to sign you in. Then you're all set!

Q. How can I change the information on a form I already submitted?

A. If you've submitted a form and later want to change any of the details, check the settings page for that form. You can access the settings for any submitted form by clicking on your username in the top right corner and choosing the relevant form name from the dropdown that appears.

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