As a public event at the University of Chicago, we, the Uchi-con staff members, have to ensure many safety standards for all of the guests at Uchi-con. As such, we require that any attendees agree to all of the following rules before being able to participate in the convention; if you have submitted the preregistration form, you have already agree to abide by everything below. In addition, if you break one of the rules while at Uchi-con, staff will ask you to leave.

General Convention Rules

  • We are a strictly PG-13 con; please keep it that way. Anyone deemed to be violating the PG-13 standards of conduct will be asked to leave or be removed from the premises. PG-13 means:
    • No vulgar language or hate speech is permitted in panels, performances or public spaces
    • Following the dress code (detailed to the right)
    • No graphic behavior
    • No excessive depictions of gore or R-rated materials
    • Any other behavior or manners of conduct deemed non-PG-13 by con staff. Uchi-con staff reserve the right to final say over what is deemed not PG-13
  • Laws still apply while at the con. We will have University Police on security detail; please feel free to reach out to them for any help.
  • Do not damage or deface the property. Ida Noyes is a beautiful and historic building and we are lucky to be able to reserve it for the con year after year. We would like to keep it that way.
  • Please respect the staff. We are harried University students and can only deal with so much at once.
  • If you are 12 and under, you must be accompanied by an adult at all times and wear your badge or wristband prominently. If you are spotted roaming alone by con staff, you will be stopped until your adult is found.
  • We check IDs for certain 18+ events. Please be sure to bring a government-issued ID with your birthday printed on it. People without proper identification will not be allowed to participate in 18+ events. University or School IDs will not count as proper identification unless your birthday is printed on it.
  • If it's not yours, you may not take it. This applies especially to registration laptops, kimonos and costumes at the Photo Booth, and electronic equipment in the Karaoke Room and Game Room. Don't ruin our day.
  • Please respect the Panels and Performances. Sound carries well in Ida Noyes, so if there is a panel going on, please bring the volume down or move to another space, such as the Lobby or the Artist Alley. If you are asked to move or quiet down by the staff please do so. Horns and other loud noisemaking devices cannot be used indoors.
  • Do not linger, loiter, sit or generally clog up the stairway in Ida Noyes. We know they are very pretty, but please do not take pictures on them. If asked by con staff to move, please do so, as we have a lot of foot traffic.
  • If you are planning on purchasing things at the convention, please bring cash, preferably in singles. We have a limited amount of change, and cannot accommodate large bills for small purchases indefinitely. ATM locations near the convention are posted on the Location page.
  • If a problem arises, please do not hesitate to ask an Uchi-con staff member (people wearing the Uchi-con staff button) or any of the UCPD officers patrolling the event.
  • Cosplay is NOT consent. Please do not touch or take pictures of people without their permission.

Costume and Prop Guidelines

  • Our event is strictly PG-13. Since we are on a University campus, the University enforces a slightly stricter dress-code for events than usual anime conventions. We at the UChicago Japanese Animation Society LOVE all cosplay; however, we are University funded and thus must follow their regulations. Some guidelines:
    • No nipples or genitalia (real or artificial) can be visible. This applies to all genders.
    • Footwear is required. No bare feet, and no footwear that may damage or mark up the hardwood floors of Ida Noyes. This means no ice skates.
    • Dress must be fairly visible at a distance on all sides. For example: String bikinis like Yoko from Gurren Lagan or Nami from One Piece are not OK, while conservative sports bikinis with thick straps or bandeaus like Winry Rockbell from Full Metal Alchemist are OK.
    • If you have any concerns about whether your cosplay or manner of dress is PG-13 please feel free to email or Facebook message us about it.
  • Your prop and/or costume should not inhibit anyone's path through our narrow hallways.
  • No live steel. All weapons must be either fake, wood, or ziptied shut. Mark all weapons with bright tape at our info desk after registration.
  • No real firearms.
  • Any prop heavy or large enough to injure a passerby may be deemed unsafe by the convention staff. If you have a prop deemed unsafe by the staff, you can reclaim it at the info desk in the Lobby with a government issued ID.
  • The convention is in winter. While we have heating, we do not control the thermostats. Please dress appropriately.
  • Please do not swing weapons around.
  • Uchi-con staff reserve the right to have final say over the acceptability of any costume or prop.
  • For the costume contest, your costume must be primarily made by you (50% or more). Please arrive promptly at the meeting time and place (TBD), and only one costume is allowed per entry.

Artist Alley Policies

  • Vendors are allowed in the artist alley, but because we want to promote local artists, vendor tables are limited to 4 total. If you are a vendor and would like to register, submit the artist alley form and then contact us at for specific paperwork.
  • Displayed art pieces must hold to the PG-13 rule listed above: no excessive gore, nudity, or strongly sexual content. We reserve the right to ask you to remove or take down your pieces if they are deemed inappropriate by con staff.
  • There is a $20 tabling fee for the Artist Alley, which will be collected, in cash, the day of the convention. You may subsidize up to $10 of that fee by donating a UNIQUE piece (one that isn't for sale in your store) valued at $10, to be sold during the convention's silent auction. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this subsidy.
  • Please bring your own change. We have a limited amount and most of it is in use during the convention. We will direct you to the nearest bank if requested, but it is better to be prepared than to be late setting up.
  • Be considerate of those around you.
  • We will be providing guest wifi access for artists tabling with us. Artists who wish to be signed onto the guest network must report to the Artist Alley station at the front of the AA hall to be signed in. Only one device per artist team can be signed onto the guest network. Artists are not permitted to save wifi account information. Regular con-goers cannot request access to the guest network.
  • Please do not block the walkways with your displays.
  • There are very few plugs in Ida Noyes. Please be prepared for this. We will not be providing extension cords or power strips. If you bring your own, please do not run them across the walkways where people can trip on them. Keep in mind that Ida Noyes is an old building and cannot handle too many electronics being plugged in at once.
  • Please be prompt. Setup begins at 8:30 am. Check in at the front of the Artist Alley Hall (immediately to the right of the main entrance) to receive your table and drop your stuff before going to Registration to claim your badges. Tables are distributed on a first come, first serve basis, so arrive on time to get the best spot possible for your needs.
  • If you are considering selling Uchi-con branded merchandise, please contact us about it first.

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